Revolutionizing Cooling Tower Treatment by providing a Non Chemical, Comprehensive, Scale & Bio Remover, Effective Treatment against Scaling, Corrosion and Bio-Fouling. This ELECTRO CHEMICAL TREATMENT SYSTEM (ECTS)™ works in side stream without disturbing Cooling Tower operation. ELECTRO CHEMICAL TREATMENT SYSTEM is an Electrolytic Cooling Tower Water Treatment System which is a chemical free water treatment/Electrolyser for cooling towers and it works on the principle of electrolysis of water that reduces blow down of CT Water by upto 50-80% and conserves water. 

This Scale & Bio Remover provides chemical-free water treatment solutions for industrial & commercial applications which continuously cleans the cooling tower water and augments the cooling performance and treats cooling water without any chemicals.

The ELECTRO CHEMICAL TREATMENT SYSTEM (ECTS)™ deploys an electrolysis reaction with controlled constant DC current which creates Electrolysis Reaction generating (-OH) Ions at the Cathode which creates high PH on the walls of the cathode, this results in precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts present in the water into the electrolytic reactor and Chlorine gas is generated at anode which acts like Biocide and prevents bacterial growth and algae formation. It has unique features like Automatic Blowdown Control, Scale and Bio Remover, Side Screen Filter with Backwash Arrangement, Automatic Self Cleaning mechanism. ROI of this ELECTRO CHEMICAL TREATMENT SYSTEM (ECTS)™ in less than 2 Years.

ECTS™ provide benefits as following.

  • The operating efficiency of your water cooling tower remains optimal.
  • The cooling tower continues to operate as a new system.
  • The cooling tower holds its cooling capacity.
  • Save more than 50% of blowdown water.
  • Allows the operation of the cooling towers at optimum 4500-8000 conductivity.
  • Designed to Treat Cooling Towers without Chemical (Zero chemicals) mean no maintenance,
  • storage, and discharge of chemicals.
  • Maintains LSI factor between 0 to 0.5 for your CT.
  • Effective Treatment against Scaling, Corrosion, and Bio-Fouling.
  • Return on Investment within 2 Years.


Saves upto 70% blowdown water

Reduction in maintenance cost

Zero chemical required

Enhancing cooling tower effectiveness

Automatic self cleaning mechanism

Increasing 2-3 times COC

Automatic blowdown control

Environment friendly technology

Reduction in STP treatment cost

ROI less than 2 years

Reduction in operational cost



Business Centres

Commercial Complexes





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